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Columbian Squires Circle 2040

squires_logo_color 2The Columbian Squires program was started in order to give young men the leadership training and spiritual and moral guidance they will need in  order to be successful. What makes the Squires different from other  programs for young men?

1. The purpose of the Squires program is to develop young men as  Catholic leaders who understand their religion, who have a strong  commitment to the Church and who are ready, willing and capable of  living their lives in the manner of the youth Christ.

2. A Squires circle is designed to be run both by and for young men. If a Squire is to be a leader, he must, to the degree that he is able, be given the opportunity to lead. In the Squires he is given that  opportunity.

3. The Squires is an athletic team, a youth group, a social club, a  cultural and civic improvement association, a management training  program, and a spiritual awareness course all rolled into one.

The  Columbian Squires program is well rounded, because our Church and  nations need well rounded men who can lead.

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